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Cape Town, South Africa

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Max Bosanquet

Privileged to have studied and specialized in portrait and commercial photography in the UK nearly 20 years ago; Max uses his technical knowledge, skills and absolute love of photography to capture the essence of what he is photographing. Max welcomes the challenge of keeping abreast of current trends and utilizes this information  to provide a constantly evolving service to his clients. Max, with his endless enthusiasm and driving passion, will capture that very special moment; be it an individual/family studio shoot, a lavish outdoor wedding or a significant corporate event.

Martin Yodaiken

Martin is not only an accomplished and respected freelance photographer, he is also a psychologist and it is through his deep understanding of the human psyche that he is able to go beyond the image and capture what he calls ‘personality moments’. Martin also utilizes his appreciation of street culture and urban art to the advantage of his commercial clients, particularly those in the interior design industry. Martin is extremely versatile as a visual artist and welcomes any opportunity to add nuance to a special moment whether it be a portrait, street photography, art photography or commercial photography.

Mathew Sampson

Matthew, as the youngest member of the team, brings an inspirational and innovative approach to the services we offer at Cape Photography. He is an excellent photographer and his professional, creative, youthful slant is constantly in demand. Mathew is not only emergent photographer, he is also a fine videographer and a very precise editor ensuring that our clients are offered a comprehensive graphic package.           

We at Cape Photography work together as a team to bring you a complete photographic experience and final result. Our collective expertise affords us the opportunity to be diverse in our approach, whether it be a wedding, studio shoot, school occasion, private or corporate event. From natural reportage images to formal portraiture to artistic pack shots; we offer a wide range of services. Ultimately we pride ourselves on creating a relaxing, yet professional, environment to extract the ultimate lasting moment. Our repeat client base and constant word-of-mouth referrals are testimony to the expert services we offer.

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TEL: 0721074044